Are you curious about From first glance, it sort of look like from the Matrix movie codes but not quite. Actually, it is a local IP address used to configure router and the network . Some Infinity, Cisco, and ASUS routers manufactured by D-Link or Comcast have as it’s default settings address.

It may not be as common as the but it’s still the same. This address is more commonly seen in business computer networks rather than in home networks where routers normally use 192.168.x.x format.

What is is a private IP address so it can be accessed on the local network behind a wireless router only and not over the internet. So if you have no idea how default gateways work, you should rest easy when we say that ONLY those connected to your network have the access to it.

There should be no way for your neighbor or anyone else NOT connected to your WiFi will be able to snoop in and configure your network settings. Unless you told them your WiFi password.

To quickly access your router’s login page, just click on the login buttons below. These buttons will directly land you on the admin login page. Login Login

How to connect

Connecting to is pretty much straightforward. It is just like connecting to your favorite website. Of course, this will only work if your router supports it or it is your router’s default gateway.

If uncertain about your IP address, we have a short guide for you. If you want to find out your router’s IP address check out these methods first:

We are pretty sure that by this time, you have a basic idea about So let’s further learn it’s application and how to use the IP address.

Step 1: First of all, you need to open your favorite internet browser.

Step 2: Go to or type in the web browser’s address bar the

Step 3: Once the page is loaded, the admin login console will show up. In this page, you will be asked for your username password. By default, it’s “admin” for username and “admin” or “password” for the password.

Step 4: Once you entered the username and password, just press the ENTER key and you are in. You can now change anything in the router’s setup page.

Note: Just make sure you know what you are doing and take note of changes you have made. This is so you can always revert back to previous settings if anything goes wrong. Or you can just reset your router if things go wrong. Do this by pressing the reset button at the back of the router for good 10 seconds.

Common Issues With

If you are encountering some issues like “WiFi Connected But No Internet Access“, then we have some fixes that you can apply for your router.

Can’t connect to

Gateway Unresponsive

If the is your default gateway and yet you cannot connect to it for some tries, then obviously there is a problem. When you see the “Internet Failed to Connect to Server” I should say that this is a common issue.

Solution 1: There is no telling if this is a big deal or a simple bug on the router itself. It could mean many things. But start with turning off your antivirus and check again.

Solution 2: Did it work? If it didn’t, check the LAN cable if you are wired connected. There might be a damaged part somewhere along the cable wire. If so, you will need to buy a new LAN cable.

Solution 3: So what you should do first is to reset the router to default. To do this, find a reset button at the back of the router. If you find the reset button, just press on it for 10 seconds until the router automatically reboots. You should let go of the button once it restarts.

Note: If there is no button but you find a hole next to the Reset label, then you should find something that will fit that hole. A paper clip or a pin should do the trick. Just press the pin through the hole until you feel a slight click that indicates that a button in there is pressed. Press on it for good 10 seconds before letting go. The router should automatically reboot.

The reboot will reset the router to factory settings. That means the network will be the way when you first turn it on when you got it from a store or from your ISP.

Now try the IP address again on your web browser and see if that fixed it. It would be best to try the browsers of multiple devices like smartphones and laptops as well. Now, did it work?

Solution 4: If not, try the command prompt. Press Windows key + R and type CMD on the Run window. Press ENTER and the command window will show up. From there, type in the ping and then press ENTER again.

You should see a response Reply From with some details. But if you see a Request Timed Out message, that is not a good sign. At this point, you should call a technician to check the router.

Gateway Device Unresponsive:

The device assigned with might stop working due to some technical failures with the device or the network itself. To fix this, you can try rebooting your router and your PC and then see if the device responds. If you still get this error then you might want to contact your router’s manufacturer for further support.

It could also be the cause of an aggressive antivirus. Try disabling it temporarily and see if things are better by trying out your browser again.

Incorrect Client Address:

IP Address

If DHCP is default on your network then the is already a given default IP address. You just need to make sure that no devices connect to the network using the same IP address.

Actually, this should not happen at all since the DHCP automatically detects and provide an unused IP address for new devices. This is more common for Tp-Link routers and Jiofi Wi-Fi dongles.

But if this case actually happens, there is a way around this. Follow these steps.

1.Modify the TCP/IPv4 and put it to manual. To do this, press Windows key + R to launch the Run window.

2. Then type in ncpa.cpl to open the Network Connections window.


3. Double click on the network adapter that you are using to connect to the router.

4. Click Properties on the Ethernet Status.

5. Scroll down to see the TCP/IPv4 and double-click on it.

6. Tick the Use The Following IP Address instead of the Obtain an IP Address automatically.

7. Copy the image IP address designation below.

IPv4 protocol

You can try using other numbers instead of 20. In fact, you can go as far as 99. It should look like or something.

8. Once you copied the static IP address and everything else, click OK to close the window and the other windows as well. Your internet should now be back.

In Conclusion

The IP address works the same way as any other IP address used as a default gateway. So you can treat it as how you treat other common IP address if you have prior experiences with those.

If the errors and connectivity issues still persist, it should be high time that you consider getting a new router. For the obvious reason that the current router that you are using might be broken with software or some hardware issue is at hand.

If you want to ask some questions, you may do so in the comment section. Or you can add more solution if you know a thing or two about router’s issues. And don’t forget to share this article if you know someone who experiences a similar situation.

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